Hand Made Fused Clapton Coil

$ 7.00


Hand Made Fused Clapton Coil

$ 7.00

All fused clapton coil are hand made in USA by VAPORIZM

Fused Clapton is specialty coil which will greatly enhance your vaping experience to next level!

Single or dual fused clapton coil are made with, (You need to choose the option)

Kanthal A1 - 2 X 26g and 36g (Single 0.45-46; Dual 0.22-0.24 ohm)


Nichrome 80 - 2 X 26g and 36g (Single 0.30-33; Dual 0.16-0.18 ohm)

6 wraps on a 2.5mm coil master coil jig.

You will receive all coil with cotton pre-installed and ready to vape!

Product Description

1. Product is ready to be installed and used in high quality authentic rebuildable dripping atomizer(RDA) or rebuildable dripping tank atomizer(RDTA). Make sure before purchasing that you know how to install a coil into your RDA and RDTA. View install videos for more detail.

2. All coils will be pre-torched to remove any residuals and contaminants and also for removing tension and springiness in the coil. 

3. Ensure to use high quality authentic RDA and RDTA with these coils for your safety.

4. Ensure to use high quality, high drain, high amp batteries with these coils for your safety.

5. These are for advanced and experienced user only. Use it at your own risk.